About Us

We were first introduced to laser engraving in 2007 after going to a flooring show in Las Vegas, Nevada.  We considered purchasing a laser off and on until 2014.  After a lot of different family and work circumstances, we decided to purchase a laser engraver in late 2014.  Unfortunately we were not able to make it work at that time and we not able to get one.  We didn't give up and finally, in 2015, we were able to turn a dream into a reality.  It has been nothing but fun and excitement ever since.

Located in the Southern Utah town of St George, we have been and are doing laser engraving and laser cutting projects for individuals all over the world.  Having a business that allows the whole family to participate and get excited, really is fun.

We hope you enjoy browsing our site.  If there is something that catches your eye, feel free to customize it as you wish.  If it is close to what you need or you want something else entirely, please contact us to request a quote and give us a chance to help you meet your needs.